It all makes sense now, suddenly. Our America is 241 years old and has been very, very sick. However, its officials, its righteous Christians, its KKK, and its NRA and its VOICE OF AMERICA have been pretending and telling the world how healthy America has been well!! – just like the Soviet Union – One and the same, but different ailments.


For 241 years, America has been developing a hidden ‘ABSCESS’ that has been growing, growing, growing and growing; until it was time, before death, to deal with the serious disease. “ABSCESS’ is “a confined pocket of ‘PUS’ that collects in the body tissues (in America’s case, its IMPERIALISM), Organs (in America’s case its RACISM), and the various spaces of the body and that (in America’s case its INHUMAN CAPITALISM, ABUSES, LIES, and DECEPTION).


Now that the ABSCESS is open, dirty, smelly, disgusting pus is all over the place: in government, in congress, in business, in the media, on the streets, in attitudes, in behavior, and in any and all aspects of our lives. Wherever you turn, your face will be splashed with this murky pus and no matter what you do, your face will be full of pus.


Most Liar, Deceiver President

So, dear fellow Americans, we are a dirty bunch of inhuman capitalists who prey on others just like our founding parents throughout this wasteland did. So whenever you have a pimple, a zit, or a spot, which is a kind of ABSCESS resulting from sebum and dead skin cells, do not be alarmed and remember what the Queen’s Mother told Queen Elizabeth on her wedding day to Prince Philip: “Close your eyes and think of England.” So, be a good and obedient slave and close your eyes and think of AMERICA.

I am (American) Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, PhD.                                                                              Writing to you from Rome.

I could not take the America I love out of me, so I took myself out of America.


President of the United States of America & The Soviet Union


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