Thia writer shall never vote for the Clintons again, though he had been a hard core fan.  The Clintons seem to believe in the old British Philosophy of Divide and Conquer. Who would believe, as Obama’ Secretary of States, she goes to my beloved Egypt and force an Islamist maniac, Mohammad Morsi,  into power.?


Egypt’s Pyramids would have been destroyed or covered under these stupid, stupid, stupid and mentally challenged Islamists.  We could never have this again:


Yes, we know that the West is doing its best to oppress the East. But here, you failed Ms. Clinton and we now have a Nasserite, Mr. El Sisi who will teach you and the West a lesson just like President Gamal Abdul Nasser did from 1952 until he was killed by his unfaithful criminally insane Anwar El Sadat.

Long Live Egypt, my birthplace.  I am a Pharaoh and nothing will change that.  I am your master.

This is Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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