Italian Police
20 July 2018

I apologize for having to write this in English; my Italian is not proficient enough. I am Dr. Sabri Girgis Bebawi, an Italian in spirit, a French in etiquette, and a British in Literature and Law. I am a lawyer, a journalist, and a professor of English and Journalism. Sadly, I reside in the only Fascist and Nazi State in the Western world today, the United State of America. I had lived in Rome many, many years ago; I am now a 62-year-old very sick man and a well-known writer.

I am now residing, and for the next two weeks, at 24 Via del Vantaggio. My e-mail is and my Italian phone number is +39 348 7800208. My cross shoulder bag was stolen while my wife, mother and I were having dinner at the restaurant Lowenhaus, Via Della Fontanella, Roma on the and I reported it to you.

In my bag there were: my US Passport, my FBI Clearance Card, my draft for my upcoming novel, my epilepsy medication, my asthma medication, my gastrointestinal medication (Creon), €1734.00, medical nicotine tubes, my US slim card, three very expensive pens, and I cannot remember what else.

I went to the US embassy and got an emergency passport # 000000000. There was no difficulty there. The staff was very helpful, as they knew I suffer from Cancer, Lupus, and Neurological Balance Disorder in addition to the other ailments.

I am extremely sad that my beautiful Rome has reached that level of lawlessness. However, I am very proud of the police of all departments; I know you are doing a great job, but I kindly request that Italy stops bringing criminal foreigners into the country. I have seen Salafis here these are Islamist murderers and that was shocking for me.

This flash drive includes a video of the incident and photos of the criminals. I hope that the police force does not take these issues lightly; they give Italy a bad reputation and since I love Italy dearly, I get hurt.

Thank you for reading.

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi


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