A Study by Dr. Sabri Bebawi Recently, it has become more evident that religion and politics have gotten married in a holy matrimony. I am writing specifically about the United States of America. Although our great Constitution makes it very clear that the Cke no law respecting an establishment of religion or that our government shall adopt a particular religion and that the separation of religion and State is sacred.

Since Donald Trump, president-want-to-be, pretended to assume office on January 20, 2017, most Americans have become hypnotized. There are those who do not give a damn about the country anyway; there are those who care but in a state of hypnosis; and there are those who are aware, awake, and watching like I am.

While Donald Trump swore under oath to defend and protect our Constitution, he did nothing but go against the Constitution in every sense of the word. All his presidential orders turn out to be illegal. Not only that, he had the audacity to have his lover/wife, Melania, read the Lord’s Prayer in public without any consideration. In doing so, he was endorsing Christianity against our beloved Constitution.

His media moment with the corrupt liars, cheaters, and thieves Evangelists was also an indication of endorsing a religion which is against everything America stands. To add insult to injury, Donald Trump declares America a Guido-Christian country, which is clearly not constitutional. Intelligent thinkers in the United States of America, though very few, know that Trump is not fit for the task he is attempting to take.

He has destroyed the United States’ image in the world and has already been successful in abusing more than 95% of the US population. That happens when religion enters into politics. We must not forget the Catholic Church influence on the world, and we must not forget the influence of the Christian con artists Evangelicals who persuade the little-minded people that they are talking to God.

It is the mission of this writer to expose the evil of Christianity that is not any different from the evil of Islam. The United States of America is a land for all, regardless of ideology or belief. That is how it had started and survived more than the expectations of most philosophers like the great French philosopher René Descartes who said, “America is an experiment that is doomed to fail.”

I do not wish for the United States of America to fail. However, with the path of extreme capitalism and fascism that this government is taking, it is not unlikely. To achieve this positive outcome, we all have to stand against two evil forces:

Christianity and Trump’s republicanism. Sabri Bebawi LET US ALL PRAY ON PRAYER”S DAY Televangelists: We Need Multimillion-Dollar Private Jets Because God Told Me. Evangelical Christians Meet Satan


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