Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, Esq. PhD.


The Honorable Emmanuel Macron

President of France
Palais de l’Élysée
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris, France

Dear Honorable President,

I am Dr. Sabri Bebawi. It is a great privilege to script to your honour this rather significant and perhaps controversial message. I need to begin by informing you that I am one of your greatest admirers; I admire your intelligence, your wit, your intellect, your sense of humour, and your very person.

I have just returned from Paris, which I have always considered my home despite my regrettable naturalized American citizenship. France has always been in my heart since I had been a teenager and a young adult working as a journalist for the Arab Press Service, in Nicosia, Cyprus, which was associated with the French Press Agency.

Ever since, I have been visiting my home, Paris, twice each year. Each time I visited, I discovered inordinate unpleasant changes to my homeland. On this last visit, my wife and I could not even walk to half of my favourite part of Paris, Champs-Elysées. The reason(s) was that I felt I was in Saudi Arabia; this cannot be acceptable. I have even seen Salafis roaming the street freely; and even though France had made it illegal for women to wear Niqab, there were hundreds of such women roaming the streets freely.

Since I am originally a Copt, I do understand what those people are about and what they desire to do, which is the destruction of France as well as the whole western states. In fact, two years ago I reported to the National Police listening to a what I believed to have been a libyan diplomat sharing in Arabic with a friend how easy it was to start a revolution and take France.

Because I speak and understand Arabic well, as I am an Egyptian lawyer, I understand much of what those savage murderers are saying on the streets of Paris. Some harshly criticize how women are dressed; some harshly criticize French people in general; and some even use swearing words at the French. A French waiter once told me that those Arabs could spit on his (or any French person’s face) and nothing could be done because France is so sensitive about discrimination.

Your honour, there is a huge difference between tolerance and stupidity.  I believe what France is allowing is not tolerance; it is pure stupidity.

To begin with, the current laws of no Niqap is not enforced; secondly, Salafis, who are known around the world as being killers and terrorists, and who are severely fought and targeted by the president of Egypt, El Sisi, are seen throughout Paris.  How can this be acceptable as tolerance?

This writer wishes that his beloved France act in the same manner Norway had acted recently – closing mosques, deporting religious leaders who incite hatred and violence and close all Islamic schools that train future militants.

I do, indeed, admire the law enforcement agencies of France; they are doing a great job; however, French people cannot live as hostages in their own country and France cannot be so militarized in the name of freedom and tolerance. Please note this comes from a very liberal democrat American who considers the clinically insane US president-want-to-be, Donald Trump, to be the most evil terrorist in the world today.

Please do accept my message with an open heart and mind. I love France so dearly and I fear its demise under those savage Arab Islamists.

Sabri Bebawi
August 18, 2018


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