As some of you dear readers know I am in Europe as an American expatriate and shall remain so until the Fascist/Nazi mentally retarded Donald Trump is either dead or removed from office.  At this point, I have lost faith in the American justice system, so I do not care very much whether he is punished by impeachment or imprisonment – I really do not care.  I just want him to leave the United States of America alone so that Democracy and the Rule of Law would be restored and so that the United States Constitution becomes an important and “GREAT” document again.

Between 2:30 to 9:00 PM London Time, I have been at an exclusive restaurant in Knightsbridge in London, England. I watched the world cup game between Mexico and Brazil.  I never believe in such idiocy, but it was just passing time where I met great people.

First, I met an aged noble couple whose stories of their past made my hair stand. Lord Tony and Lady Alexandra were such great companions with whom to speak and learn about the great writers and scientists they had had as friends. I shall always be, wherever I am, in touch with these two great, great, great nobles.

Then comes the shock of my life, His Majesty the Amir of Qatar enters the restaurant with about eight security personnel two of whom took interest in my wife and me. Being who I am, I have no fear.  I have always believed two things that I keep trying to teach my beautiful Mexican-American wife: The only fear I have is fear itself; and that a coward man dies a hundred times a day; a brave man but once. I talked with the guards and with his Majesty the Emir of Qatar. I have no fears nor will I ever do.

Soon after that, and after three Gin with tonic glasses, an exquisite bottle of 1986 Bordeaux, you would never believe who showed up at the restaurant with his entourage —–Well!! It was His Majesty the Emir of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

As My beautiful Mexican wife who is not as open and sociable as I am were leaving, I had to salute His Majesty and pay my respect.  It was an amazing experience-Two Kings in one day.  In my whole 62-year-life I had only met and interviewed the President of Cyprus, Kyprianos in early 1980s.

I am not sure how significant this is, but I would like my readers to know that both kings were drinking alcohol. I did feel like asking them why they make alcohol illegal in their countries, but I did not because I do very well understand Arabs’ hypocrisy. It is not any different from American hypocrisy.

Dear readers, I know what I shall tell you now sounds unreal and insane, but, from my Knightsbridge flat as I have been writing this article, once I wrote Arab Hypocrisy, the whole article was immediately deleted. Long live Freedom – Fight til death- GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH.

I am Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi




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