Dear readers

This expatriate American Writer is fascinated by the word “GREAT.” It appears to me, and perhaps to any person able to think, that Dodo Trump had borrowed the term “GREAT” from the Moslem Murderers who always, always, always shout some idiot is “Great” before murdering innocent people.

It appears that the term captured Trump’s imagination and associated the word “GREAT” with destruction, annihilation, and obliteration. Now that the ‘Wasteland’ United States of America is so very great that, just as Moslem murderers, Americans are loathed throughout the civilized and uncivilized worlds except for two or three like the US, morally deprived governments like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and, of course Dodo’s boyfriend Putin and his government.

Donald Trump has also made the United States GREAT in that he isolated it from the world through his very intellectually questionable decisions and thoughts to withdraw from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, which is understandable since there is no such a thing as Human Rights in the United States of America. But also, his withdrawal from the WTO, and now talks about withdrawing from NATO and calling it “useless”  are of course making a 50-year-dream of Putin comes true.


That is in addition to making racism, bigotry, and hate, which are integrated parts of the American Character, acceptable and tolerated and practiced freely by many insane citizens with no guilt or shame – just, again, like Moslem Murders who shout a name of some idiot followed by the term “GREAT.” Yes, fellow readers, the United States of America is “GREAT” just like the evil entity Moslem Killers refer to as “GREAT.”


Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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