Fellow Americans,

This is expatriate Social Scientist Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi.  Yes, I have expatriated when the illegal criminal gangster Donald Trump bought America and the White House. I could no longer be an American.  Donald Trump is a head of a criminal organization and is, certainly, anti America and is working as hard as he could to destroy its fiber.

If you look at every word he said from the campaign time:

To the latest admission of desire to be a dictator Fascist like Kim of North Korea:

To the time that he separates the United States from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations:

America and God and Evil Evangelical Christians have united to abuse, enslave, and control the American people and become a dictator to stay in power for ever just like any third world country.

To wherever he wants to take our beautiful America. I say to Republicans simply go to hell for you are the evil of the earth:

I have been exposed to an immoral political group calls itself “Republicans.” I studied Republican’s philosophy and ideology very well and I could find it very similar to Nazi and Fascist ideologies. At the start, I did not worry much and had faith in the United States of America and its bible “the Constitution.”

Now, my faith in the Constitution has diminished; a criminal from Vegas named Donald Trump was able to buy the government and the White house with his “borrowed” money and with then assistance of foreign enemies – the ex-Soviet Union. In essence, the White House became an extension of the Kremlin.

Then I started to have a feeling I had never experienced before; it was a feeling of “loathing.” I use the word “Loathing” because I still do not understand the feeling of hatred. I now loathe this insect, which pretends to be a president and reside in the White House. Yes, I LOATH Donald Trump and here is why:

Some readers might falsely believe that these are only an opinion and is a harsh one; well, yes, this might be harsh, but not an opinion. All these are facts proven over and over and over again and again and one does not need eyes to see.

  • Donald Trump is the most ignorant being I have ever heard of.
  • Donald Trump is the most uneducated and uncivilized being.
  • Donald Trump is the most compulsive liar.
  • Donald Trump is the most un-American.
  • Donald Trump is the most corrupt gangster.
  • Donald Trump is more criminal than El-Chapo.
  • Donald Trump has no respect for America or its citizens.
  • Donald Trump is a racist.
  • Donald Trump is a white supremacist – which is an oxymoron- how one can be white and superior at the same time?
  • Donald Trump has no respect for the laws of the land.
  • Donald Trump signed many so-called “Executive Orders” that are unconstitutional.
  • Donald Trump does not respect the America’s Fiber, which is Checks and Balances.
  • Donald Trump often acts like an Orangutan who has no idea of what he is saying.
  • Donald Trump is clinically insane.
  • Donald Trump has no respect for women.
  • Donald Trump is a violent NRA lover.
  • Donald Trump grew up within the KKK.
  • Donald Trump is a male whore (or may be female- who knows).
  • Donald Trump is against Freedom of Speech.
  • Donald Trump is a Fascist and a Nazi who hates the press.
  • Donald Trump is a crook a lot worse than Nixon for at least Nixon had dignity.
  • Donald Trump is vengeful and implacable.
  • Donald Trump, like Hitler, hates the old, the sick or the poor and would like to burn them.
  • Donald Trump cannot have friends; he does not what the word means.
  • Donald Trump has no sense of human compassion, though orangutans do.
  • Donald Trump must have been abused in many ways as a child.

The list can go on and on and on. Now I thank Donald Trump for teaching me a feeling I had never experienced before: LOATHING

Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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