United States is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council

Great!! If that is to say anything at all, it is to say that the United States of America admits it is in violation of Human Rights, which we already know.  They have treated their citizens as sheep and treated immigrant with hatred, malice, abuse and unprecedented discrimination.

The United States of America has now joined the ranks of child kidnapper and child trafficking. More than 1500 immigrant children became missing (obviously they cannot be missing- Trump must have sold them to the Russian Mafia or to Arab enslavers).

While in the past the United States pretended that it supports uniting families together and fooled the world; Now, the United States of America is in the business of dividing families and taking children from their parents.  This is a reminiscent of Nazi Germany and what Hitler did to the Jews.  Trump has also adopted the numbering system that Hitler gave the Jews.  Trump now gives these children numbers.

What is so disturbing is that the evil government refuses to allow journalists to enter the camps in which these children are withheld. And Americans are still is a comma.

This expatriate American is 62 years old and had never thought that America is that evil and is that cruel.  This writer grew up in Egypt under President Gamal Abdul Nasser who hated America and always referred to it as Racist America. This writer did not believe Nasser and considered it propaganda. Only now that I have great respect for President Gamal Abdul Nasser for he was one of the very few who knew what America is and what it is about.

This expatriate writer now also believes that there is no nation on the planet with as many coward and useless citizens as in the United States. Citizens seem to be just happy with their Budweiser and Marijuana.  They do not give a damn about the government, politics, or even their own lives; they are simply wasted cowards.

Who could have believed that America the country of the phony dreams would be such a piece of a “Shithole” that has no principles, no dignity, no pride, no character, no humanity, no justice, no equality, no freedom and nothing- nothing at all – just a WASTELAND.

On a personal note, this writer regrets the day he gave up his citizenships and residences just to be a proud American.  Now I know that has been the worst mistake I have ever done in my life.I have no pride to be an American and I am glad to be an expatriate despite my serious illnesses and advanced age.

Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi





3 thoughts on “US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced the United States is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council Tuesday, accusing the body of bias against US ally Israel and a failure to hold human rights abusers accountable.

    1. Why is it that most Americans are so cowards that they are afraid to mention their name? I am not ex-patriotic – I am patriotic. And I am not a country my friend – I wish most Americans spoke English.

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