Well!! This expatriate writer has the answers.  The Answer is NO.

Allow me to debunk the Republican ideology as I had done with the Abraham Lincoln’s Myth.  Republicans run on the platform “Less Government,” and “Small Government.” Right?

Little do unintelligent Republicans know that what the party means by less and small government is that the government will not interfere when big fat pigs, corporations and mega banks screw the people, use and abuse them. However, as for people’s own lives, NO. Republican will surely interfere, dictate and take control.


Who demands that people’s sexual orientation must be heterosexual? (REPUBLICANS).

Who demand that women should have no control over their bodies? (REPUBLICANS)

Who demand that schools must adapt praying? (REPUBLICANS)

Who demand that schools take sex education from schools? (REPUBLICANS)

Who demand that schools teach the stupid, stupid, stupid creation idea? (REPUBLICANS)

Who constantly depict SCIENTISTS as ignorant people? (REPUBLICANS)

Who tries to debunk the scientific fact of Global Warming? (REPUBLICANS)

Who takes immoral sexual treatment of women lightly? (REPUBLICANS)

Who taxes the poor more and deprive them for basic needs? (REPUBLICANS)

Who spreads hate, racism and bigotry? (REPUBLICANS)

Who shows complete disrespect for those who built America? (REPUBLICANS)

Who deprives people from basic health care? (REPUBLICANS)

Who blacklist people who disagree with them? (REPUBLICANS)

Who lies, cheats and deceives the public openly (REPUBLICANS)

The list goes on and on and on and on

Shouldn’t Republicans be banned?

Expatriate Sick American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Republicans at Work



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