Dear readers

Please be aware of other sites that incite violence against one group or another. This expatriate American Writer, Sabri g. Bebawi, hates guns and violence.

Because my father was a Supreme Court lawyer, he was armed.  I hated looking at his gun and I bated seeing him wearing it. And when he sent me to a military high school, I was expelled every day for refusing to carry a gun or a rifle.  They were teaching us in Egypt to kill Jews and I never understood why those bastards wanted to kill Jews.

Because my father was a powerful man with great authority, he would put me back in school against the wishes of the school director who was a high ranking bloody military man.

To all my readers, friends and enemies: Nothing comes from violence but violence.  We need to be civilized.

I hope America and Americans learn.  I hope the NRA fall and disappear.  I hope Donald Trump resigns or gets ousted somehow – he is the most violent person ever to be able to buy the White House.

Wake up America from your self induced coma. Listen to what the great Robert De Nero said

I am Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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