This expatriate writer is terribly excited that we are so close to July 4th, a day of commemorating something important most United States Citizens do not know what. And that is why I love that day and that celebration; I always have fun with my fellow citizens on the streets and in bars. Sadly, this time I shall be in my peaceful apartment in Paris.

Some citizens know that the Fourth of July is Independence day, but they do not know from who or what. Some other think it is a Budweiser and Budweiser light beers’ day when you drink until you pass out.  Some other citizens celebrate the independence from Mexico, and say that is why we have to build a wall so they would not try to occupy us again, and some say Canada and that is why we have to increase tariff on them to prevent them from attacking America.  And some others say it is independence from France after WWII.

I personally have asked hundreds of people many of whom knew it is a celebration of  independence but never knew from whom and never knew when.  I asked if 1776 means anything to them, they would admit sure they did.  Some would say it is a type of European Beer; others would say it was the end of slavery (though slavery has never ended in America); and few would know it is the day of the declaration of independence, but none would know from whom.

Truly, the Fourth of July has always been an amusing day for me.  It has always been a day when I would think Americans are simply adorable and the cutest people on the planet earth. While they know nothing of anything, they think they are the greatest in the world, yet, they do not know that there is a world.

Perhaps it is time to ask Great Britain to go to America and take it over again.  Get rid of this idiot president want to be Donald Trump and place him in a dungeon at the tower of London. Well, since 1776, America has proven over and over and over again that they could not rule themselves fairly and effectively. So, the Declaration of Independence was a mistake.

That of course is an unrealistic dream because England wants nothing to do with Fascist America.  So, please drink all the Budweiser you can drink and close your eyes and think of America. Congratulate one another for the slavery, the poverty and the abuse this American government is offering you and just believe you are the greatest in the world.


Expatriate American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Long Live Ignorance







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