We have very few intelligent Americans who can fairly claim they have education and brains to think and analyze; however, the mass majority of this Wasteland like the criminal Evangelical Christians, the KKK and the NRA members are absolutely brainless and can hardly be considered human beings. Add to this the bible-belt States and those who claim puritanism.

Those latter groups I ask to consider the following:

Is our president-want-to-be Donald Trump or is he not involved in:






So, idiot most Americans, when will you wake up? I think never because you and Donald Trump are one and the same.  You were scared of the atmosphere of political correctness which Trump has eliminated.  I admire him for that; he has unveiled America’s facade and has shown it as it really is: An Uncivilized Wasteland as T.S. Elliot and my Godfather Ezra Pound had described t

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