The American Character:

The first thought that might come to mind to a well educated person anywhere in the world might be “WHAT CHARACTER?” I beg to differ as a writer that indeed the United States of America has its own unique Character.  We are all indebted to the American president-want-to-be-Donald Trump for allowing the world to see and experience the American Character without the facade America had since 1776.  I respect Trump for that, even though I loath him and his very existence.

“A bully” is the best word to describe the United States of America.  It is also in its character to be violent, savage, immoral, inhuman, disrespectful to the world and disrespectful to its own citizen.  Now it is lawless with no regard to the rule of law and its Constitution, though not explicitly, but implicitly suspended. So, America does have a character.

Scarcity of knowledge and education is another part of the American Character.  Most people who live in that Wasteland do not and cannot and would not want to comprehend that the people who built this America are the Blacks, the Chinese, and the Irish. Today’s white America shows so much ignorance and absence of appreciation for those who are the creators of this what Americans and the world wrongly believe a great country.

Although all this information is available to the people in libraries and even on the Internet, no one is interested. They just think they are the greatest in the world and that is it.  Well, sadly I have to burst the bubble of those who think that; America is the most uncivilized and primitive nation in the whole Western world.

It is only in America that you can see this, for example:


It is only in this Wasteland that you can see this:


It is only in America that you can see this:

It is only in America that you can be bluntly racist without reaction since Americans are numb:

Dear Americans, of what are you proud? You, if you were normal humans, should be ashamed and hide.

Expatriate Ex-American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi – a Social Scientist


This Photo Is A Gift to Evangelical Bastards


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