GOP leader deflects questions on WH statements

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) discusses the contradicting statements coming from President Trump’s administration in regard to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting

“There are criminals in our midst called Republicans and there is a demonic satan in our midst called Donald Trump.” (Bebawi, 2018)

Expatriate American Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Republican Ideology of Confusion 



2 thoughts on “Confucianism And Republican’s Ideology- Never Answer A Question, Confuse Listeners, Bombard People with False Information – You Are in Control.

  1. Skip Confucianism. Donald thinks he IS a god. That’s why he holds rallies. So that his fans can worship him. His fans are people of faith. They believe the unbelievable with no proof and follow him, what ever he does. They listen to his tweeted sermons and believe him. They worship him. He gains strength from their worship. No, Donald has started a NEW religion.

    Christians should really listen to what Jesus said. Where did he talk about locking up his opponents, or murdering someone in the middle of 5th Avenue, or grabbing pussy because he could or separating children from their parents because they are Mexican or excluding immigrants fleeing from horrible governments or taking money from average people to give to the very rich? Didn’t Jesus say just the opposite?

    Religions have a long history of devolving to hate, crime, murder and exclusion to further the exaltation of their chosen God and fill church coffers. The church of Donald is skipping the love, hope and fairness part and going right for the festering heart of hate, vindictiveness, exclusion, authoritarianism and war. Sadly, Evangelical Christian leaders have jumped on his bandwagon.

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