This purely insane person who wrote this shit is certainly a mentally retarded Evangelical Christian whose brains is that of an ameba and his his father in heaven suffers from severely from being a psychopath.  The person who spent time writing this garbage is one who is certainly of the Americans I write about.

No one in the world, not even the Islamic world is that insane, ridiculous and of a second grade mind. So now Evangelical Christians who are the most criminal of American Wasteland are equating Trump to Jesus – That is good in a way since Jesus did not exist; however, the idiot criminal Trump exist.  Watch this of Evangelical and Think you American idiots:


Now, with reference to my previous post, would you be proud to be an American? Would you salute a flag that represents a mentally retarded nation? Would you be reciting the bloody stupid American Anthem? Think about it.  Perhaps if you can think, you can change the evil status quo.

Do you believe me now that Osama Bin Laden and El Chapo are more decent men that the evil criminal gangster Trump and his M-13, KKK, and NRA and Republican Gang? Would you be ashamed to utter the word Republican? Would you be ashamed to utter the word born two times Cristian?

I have such an urge to use some of Americas favorite words such as : Fuck you, Asshole, Pussy, Mother Fucker, Shit, Eat My Pussy and Lick My Crack:

But I shall refrain and be more civilized than you Americans.

I am Expatriate Californian Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


Read, Read, Rad for America’ Sake



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