From Expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi

Dear Readers,

If you noticed that I did not write “American Expatriate,” you are a good thinker.  It is a disgrace and a severe dishonor for my background, my education, my intellect, and my very person to be a member of an uncivilized group of savage killers and murderers inhabiting a primitive wasteland as the great Ezra Pound called it, America. Fortunately, America is terribly lucky to have attached to it the great Republic of California, of which I am actually a citizen.

It is most likely that only in California that America enjoys some scattered oases of intelligent and intellectual citizens: Scientists, Physicians, Researchers, Professors, Writers and Intellectuals, and of course the great people of Hollywood.

I, for example, because of my many ailments, while in the primitive wasteland America, but in the Republic of California have all my seventeen specialists and my Internal Medicine doctor are non-Americans – and that is not by choice; it is just there are no Americans who have the brains to be that.  Additionally, most of my nurses are either Hispanics, Filipinos, or Russians; of course there are a few Americans and are well admired and respected.

It is amazing how the negative atmosphere against foreigners is now after the criminal gangster Donald Trump was able to buy the White House and impose his and his late father’s KKK ideology on the people of this country. It is amazing how stupid he is that he does not realize without those foreigners America would not survive an hour. It would be a ruin as any old civilization though America is not and has never been a civilization; it is a mere phony establishment designed for the criminals, the killers, the convicts, and the bandits.

It is also amazing how criminal gangster Trump is trying to take the territories of the famous ruthless gangs M-13. It appears to me that this is only talk and he is in fact a member of the M-13.  Since he does not respect the American Law Enforcement Agencies or investigation including the FBI and the CIA and has his own security details, it is possible that his private security details are members of the M-13 Gang.

Reverting to the main point, it has become quite an embarrassment to say you are an American any where outside in the world.  So, I consider myself a citizen of the Republic of California and I do hope that I see California free from this ugly union of the United States before my death.

Expatriate Californian Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


We Sing of Freedom


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