This American Writer Expatriate Is Very Angry.

Dear readers, if any of you go home unexpectedly and find your spouse in bed with, not only one, but more than one having sexual fun, how would you feel? Of course confused, appalled and angry.  You walk out from the house and you sob for a while and try to reason with what you had just experienced.

The exact same imagery happened to this writer.  I suddenly found my beloved home, my country, my America in bed with criminal Russian oligarchs, Arab child molesters, and unscrupulous groups of unknown gangsters; I became dismayed and left my house, my country, my home.  I became an expatriate.  This, however, has not stopped me from fighting for my home, my country.

It became quite evident that my country has had a modern style coup d’état where a Vegas known criminal gangster was able to buy my country and make a whore out of it. The problem is that this Vegas Gangster has not been treating my home, my country with tenderness; he has deprived it of all what she has been standing for. He tarnished its Constitution; he stepped on its Rule of Law and he attacked its friends and allies in the most savage way possible. Just as any criminal drug dealer would do, but without the Mafia honor or dignity or pride.

His addiction to compulsive lying, his constant attack and disrespect to people in the country and his blatant disregard  to my home’s Constitution and rule of law has caused a great deal of damage to my home and beloved country, both internally and externally.


Melania – And that is the White House of Criminal Evangelical Homophobic Christians, Ladies and Gentlemen.

How can I not be angry? Not to be angry would simply mean I do not care, but I do care and I do work for making America better and better.  This president-want-to-be criminal gangster, possibly a murderer and a drug dealer, Donald Trump, his family and his cronies and fellow killer gangsters have been working hard on destroying America as it has been known.


Suddenly, my beloved home lost its democracy and turned into Nazism and Fascism. Suddenly my beloved country lost its prestige in the whole world.  And suddenly my home became a brothel run by a son of a pimp and a daughter and a wife who can only be described in Shakespearean term “sophisticated.”  Those educated of us who know, would know what that means in modern terms.


How can I or you not be angry? Are we senseless? Have we lost our patriotism? Have we become coward slaves? How can we not be angry?

Expatriate Angry American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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