A study by Sabri g. Bebawi, PhD

This study focused on who White Supremacists are and in what they believe.  I also have been questioning the racism and bigotry of the criminal gangster Donald Trump who bought America somehow. Additionally, I find myself, as a social scientist, intrigued by the many intellectually challenged American citizens who lack basic critical thinking skills.  These include Evangelical Christians, KKK members of course and the members of the NRA.

One amazing point I found in the study is this:

Following in his father’s footsteps, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted a white supremacist.


The Trump family tweets exuberantly but not always wisely. This morning, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Vox Day, who claimed that a widely circulated photo of a Trump supporter giving the Nazi salute was actually a Bernie Sanders agent.

Big surprise. However, the media will never run with this. https://t.co/3LsHvP5II3

Vox Day’s claim is false but that is the least of the problems with Trump’s retweet. Vox Day is a pseudonym for science fiction writer Theodore Beale, who has a history of racist, sexist, and homophobic hate- speech. Rationalwiki.org has compiled a mini-anthology of Beale’s greatest hits, which is worth examining.

From this piece above, one cannot have the slightest doubt that the man who bought America and the White House is a criminal viking whose logic – if he he knows the word – is seriously slanted and his core is, what Christians believe, the anti-Christ, or Satan himself.

This writer is of the opinion that a large number of American citizens is coward just like hyenas; nevertheless, I was quite surprised to discover that KKK members and white supremacists at large are also coward. When the Ku Klux Klan rebooted itself as a largely white supremacist outfit, starting in 1915, it took on the now-signature white robes for two reasons: to intimidate, but also to hide. They were cowards, afraid recognition would upend their lives, so they went to great lengths to obscure their faces and bodies. “They had no desire to be exposed in any kind of way,” explains Patricia A. Turner, the dean and vice provost of undergraduate education at UCLA, who has written several books on African-American culture.

White nationalists also commonly pass through paleoconservatism — an anti-interventionist strand of libertarianism that seeks to limit government, restrict immigration, reverse multicultural programs and deconstruct the social welfare programs. Some of white nationalism’s most prominent voices, including Richard SpencerJared Taylor, and Peter Brimelow did stints at Taki’s Magazine, the most prominent paleoconservative journal.

Strategies for pursuing the white ethnostate fall into two major categories: mainstreaming and vanguardism. Mainstreamers believe that infiltrating and subverting the existing political institutions is the only realistic path to power. They aspire to convert disaffected “normies” to their politics and advocate for white nationalists to seek positions — in politics and society — that have access to resources otherwise unavailable to avowed racists.  These resources often require that white nationalists disguise their politics and compromise on their most extreme positions. Mainstreaming allows those sympathetic to white nationalism to pursue or enact policies furthering white nationalist priorities. These aren’t always exclusive to white nationalism, such as immigration restriction or the elimination of social welfare programs.

Vanguardists believe that revolution is the only viable path toward a white ethnostate. They believe that reforming the system is impossible and therefore refuse to soften their rhetoric. They typically seek to reform what they believe to be an “anti-white” establishment through radical action. Vanguardists favor public demonstrations to anonymous, online activism and hope that by turning out in numbers at protests they can defy so-called political correctness, polarize politics and accelerate what they view as the inevitable collapse of America.

Retrieved: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/ideology/white-nationalist

Now, the white supremacists whatever name they go by like “nationalists” or others, are having the time of their lives because the man who bought the White House is one of them – just like his father was.

More to come on this and the Christian Racist Right And Their Mental Challenge.

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