To all decent American Citizens who are able to see that our country has been hijacked by a criminal gangster who is the head, or the tail, of a criminal organization that is determined to destroy the America we know, take our freedom away and destroy the Constitution of the United States.

He has shown over and over and over that he believes he and his gangs are above the law and have shown unprecedented disrespect to our American System of Checks and Balances and has shown complete disregard to the Constitution he swore to uphold.  The crimes he has committed so far would put any citizen in prison for life; I am not sure why this criminal gangster is able to get away with all what he has been doing.

We all need to get the word out and stand up for our Constitutional Law and Order.  I need your help and your support.  Please donate as much as you can so I can publicize this Resistance Movement against the status quo. We have to get rid of this hyena whose main aim is to destroy the American Fiber.

This is a one-man endeavor who spends a lot of money on promoting this patriotic Resistance on his own limited disability retirement income.  Help will increase the number of readers and followers so that in numbers we can stand up against this criminal gangster named Donald Trump and his gangs.



Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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