Well, well, well! Haven’t this expatriate American Writer said all along that Criminal Gangster has the intellectual capacity of of a third grader? Here is a proof that would put any native English speaker to shame.  By the way, I have been an English and Journalism full professor for more than 30 years and English is my THIRD language.  This is significant because it depicts the intellect a person possesses and Criminal Gangster Trump possesses none.

Yvonne Mason, a retired English teacher, received a letter from President Trump and returned it to the White House with edits and corrections. No, it was written by the president not a staff member –Trust this English Professor, expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi – Trump has the vocabulary and mental capacity of a third grader.  Had he finished useless American High School, his vocabulary level would have been 3500 words; sadly all he knows is three adjectives and three adverbs and he cannot construct a valid or grammatically correct sentence -And that is Criminal Gangster President-Want-to-Be Donald Trump who attacks his masters the Mexicans whose the most uneducated of them has a vocabulary power of 7500 words.  America has an Imbecile who bought the White House with Russian Oligarch’s money and criminal activities.


Expatriate American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi













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