This expatriate American writer is both appalled and quite upset at America’s lack of understanding English.  Most American speakers destroy the language and its rules; that is in addition to that they speak or know nothing of any other language.  For example, most American speakers say “The reason is because…” This indicate lack of intelligence and critical thinking skills.  “Reason” and “Because” have the same meaning.  Most American speakers have no clue of “Reported Speech” “Passive Voice” “Unreal c Conditional,” and much more.

It is quite bothersome when some Americans refer to significant words as “vulgar.” The hypocrisy and ignorance are just disturbing.  Regarding my other post about “Cum Laude” when the cake maker decided that the “Cum” is vulgar and in his/her ignorance and dirty mind, thought the word “Cum” is the phonetically pronounced “come” as having an orgasm – I am not surprised; if a large number of Americans do not even understand English, how could they understand Latin? Yet, many have the audacity to feel so racist that they protest hearing people speaking Spanish.

Here is a piece of information for the few idiot racist Americans. An American has an average vocabulary of 3500 words.  An ordinary Mexican has a vocabulary power of 7,600 words. Americans should be ashamed of themselves.

Now the point I am trying to make here is that those puritan pious-pretend-to-be- Americans are the very same people who listen to songs like “Eat My Pussy and Lick My Crack…” And when you think of it deeply, you will find that the most used words in the United States are: Fuck, Mother Fucker, Fuck You, Ass Hole, Pussy, and Cock.  Even your president-want-to-be Donald Trump uses these words on regular basis in his writings, speeches whether public or private. In England, for example, my idiot American friends, the most three words used are: Excuse Me-Sorry- and Thank You.


So, as a PhD linguist myself, I ask my fellow citizens, specially the idiot few Christians, to stop their hypocrisy, pretending to be something they are not, and to stop their stupidity.

To end this, I must say to those who think that words are vulgar and what Trump is doing and saying are not; I will speak your American language and use some of your favorite and most used words:  Fuck you, Mother Fuckers.

Expatriate Sad American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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