It is 1:07 AM here and this expatriate writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi cannot get over the Supreme Court Ruling against Unions today. Having been born in Egypt, at the time, a pure dictatorship where the legislative branch and the judicial branch were puppets to the executive branch, I know first hand what Fascism and Dictatorship is.  Having studied Law at Cairo University made me even more aware.


Having completed my law studies at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and experiencing democracy and freedom there has had a tremendous impact on my thoughts.  Now that I see that the United States of America, the country that deceived me to the point of seeking its protection from the Arab maniacs, that I see it not any different from Egypt, but I believe worse – makes me unsettled.  Why I consider it worse, you might ask, is that Egypt is honest about its system and dictatorship while the United States continues to deceive the world that it is a democracy and a civilized free Western country – lie after lie after lie to the point that the poor population of the United States, educated or otherwise, believe it and believe that America is the best place in the world.

Friends and fellow citizens, I tell you the truth: the United States is the ugliest and worst country in the whole civilized world of the Western Nations. Donald Trump even wondered why America gets people from what he referred to as “shithole” Africa and not from Norway.  I answer the president-want-to-be it is because intelligent and sophisticated people of Norway and similar nations see the United States the very same way Trump sees my beloved continent – “a shithole” full of mad gun lover criminals who enjoy violence and despise knowledge.

Dear American Citizens, beware of what is happening.  Speak up and loud and protect America from the criminal gangsters who bought it.  We are in deep shit.


This is one writer’s opinion.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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