To All Bloodthirsty Criminal Americans: Here is an opportunity you cannot miss

A Huge Sophisticated Gun Sale


Dear American Killers and bloodthirsty American heroes, new and improved machine guns are now available to purchase Online. No checks and no questions asked. If you are under 18 years of age, we shall take care of that and guarantee your purchase. You have several Machine Guns and Pistols to chose from. They come in several colors – Choose your favorite color.

We now have the new and improved TRUMPO 666. It is the most sophisticated weapon yet; you can enjoy murdering more than 300 people in one shot; it is extremely easy to use; just load and shoot.

But Wait

With this offer, you will get two sophisticated pistols that can shoot up to 20 bullets per minute. You will enjoy watching children and people dropping dead in blood and we assure your satisfaction.

But Wait

With this, you will also get a thousand bullets assuming that you wish to murder as many people as possible -all that is for $9.50. We can use your parents’ credit card and we can be as discrete so that they would never know.

The TRUMPO 666 is endorsed by the only government approved criminal organization the NRA.

Read some of our reviews:

I am Sam the Killer; I bought the TRUMPO 666 and received all the free attachments I needed. I was able to use it the other day at a school, and murdered 200 children in less than 3 minutes. It is Awesome. I endorse this deadly machine

My name is Nutty the Evil; I endorse this product. It was so easy to buy online even though I am only 16 years old. In two days, I received it in the mail and no one could know what it was. I used it and murdered 30 school kids and two teacher – it is really the American spirit at its best.

My name is Fartalot – a 17-year-old High School drop out. I was able to use my mom’s credit card to buy this amazing TRUMPO 666 and all the extra gifts that come with it. I used the pistols to murder a few of my friends at school. I am not sure how many; however, I heard on the news that they were 19 children. Oh!! Man!! I felt proud to be an American. Thank you NRA.

Here you have it patriot Americans. If you want to be a hero and have the affinity of murdering people, this is the machine for you. TRUMP 666 an American product made and assembled in China under the supervision of the American Government.

Expatriate Very Sad American Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi




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