This expatriate sad American Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi applies critical thinking and logic in everything he hears or reads.  Let us, together fellow American Citizens, in particular the very few decent ones left, look together at the following:

(1) The Emirate of Qatar receives support and military equipment from the Trump’s United States.

(2) The Emirate of Qatar provides Moslem Murderers with money and weapons, as has been correctly reported, and most Arab countries cut diplomatic relationships with Qatar



The United States supports and provides military equipment to Moselm Murderers.



How about that fellow citizens? This is a country that took our freedom on the pretext of National Security and we, as goats, followed without a thought out of fear, and believed our government and readily gave up our freedom and Constitutional rights under the phony National Security Act. How about that?

Considering our richness and resources and what remains from our freedom under the First Amendment of the Constitution, wouldn’t we be more of a a “shithole” than how Dodo described poor and abused Africa?

I know that thinking must hurt many Americans.  I also know that many Americans do not know what thinking is.  But how about the few (who would still be a large number) of well educated intelligent and decent Americans? Are you writing to your representatives? Are you speaking up? Are you using your Constitutional right to elect decent candidates? Are you demanding that the Criminal Gangster who bought the White House be impeached, ousted and imprisoned? Do you have a sense of Social Responsibility as I do? Do you care?

Expatriate very sad American writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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