Mr. Lawyer, you have disrespected your profession as an officer of the court and the law.  You have betrayed you sworn testimony to become a member of the Bar.  You are ignorant.  Though you said in your ranting that “this is America.” Yes, it is; and America does not speak English or any language.  You are a stupid man my friend.  It is I who pay for your life and your families.

As an attorney, help the undocumented workers to get their stolen money and they will spit on you, and your country and leave this “shithole” “watsteland” America.

(New York, NY) – An attorney being blasted for a racial rant caught on video in Manhattan is no longer allowed in his office. A note on the midtown building where Aaron Schlossberg works says the attorney has been evicted.

A video has gone viral of Schlossberg yelling at employees at a café for speaking Spanish and threatening to call immigration officials. The lawyer was confronted by reporters yesterday afternoon but refused to answer questions.

When an NBC News cameraman walked up to Schlossberg he ran away in a full sprint, another video which has gone viral. The internet has shown no mercy. A “GoFundMe” page is raising money to send Schlossberg a mariachi band and an online petition to disbar the attorney has thousands of signatures.

It appears that Aaron is no stranger to racial tension. Once the video went viral, others remembered seeing Aaron raging in other situations.

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