From Expatriate Citizen Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the United States of America has never changed.  Its racism and ignorance have always been alive and well, but most Americans were too coward to show their real inner feelings and thoughts of hatred and criminality.  Thanks to Donald Trump, he has been successful to unveil the American truth and now most Americans are free to be who they really are: Criminals and Peasants.

Donald, you have gone far too far and I am certain no one is stopping you because of your Criminal Gangster style of lying, cheating, stealing, threatening, and intimidating.  I am certain one day a brave American will put you in your place.  You have called my continent “Africa” a “Shithole.” You did not explain that it is your White Race was what stole Africa’s wealth and made it the poor that it is and it is your White Race that allow African Leaders to abuse its people for your own interest. African, Mr. president-want-to-be is a land of generosity, decency, honor and pride – terms your white pathetic race is not familiar with and will not for thousands of years to come.

Yesterday, you called undocumented workers “Worse than Animals.” Trump, to begin with, any living being is an animal including you and me, you ignorant bastard.  The question here is that you mean that they are less in value than you and your gangsters and the KKK and the NRA.  They are not, Trump. Give those undocumented workers what America has stolen from them, and they will spit on this nation and leave.  Once they leave, you and your country will be nothing at all – worse than a “Wasteland.” Trump Donaldo, have you watched the brilliant film “A Day without a Mexican?”  Watch it; it will do you good.

Now we have the mentally challenged lawyer Aaron M Schossberg who is a white supremacist and should be ashamed of himself for he seems to be a Jew. Has he forgotten what Hitler did to his ancestors? I shall make sure that he shall be disbarred – that is my mission now.  I am also a lawyer.

Most Americans are so bloody stupid that they do not want people to speak a foreign language not realizing that they themselves do not even speak English.  Where in the world would that happen.  In Paris, where I am, I shall advise everyone I know to tell Americans to speak French or to get the hell out of France.

Enough of this stupidity – enough- enough- enough – America makes me and millions of Americans sick, too.

A Jew who is a white Supremacist – this is pretty amazing. Aaron, I shall get you disbarred my friend.  You may say good bye to your career.


I am the sad expatriate writer Dr. Sabri Bebawi.





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