This United States Citizen, expatriate Dr. Sabri. G. Bebawi takes special offense having been born in Egypt, North Africa, nevertheless, African. This expatriate is proud to be African and to have been born in the civilized world of Egypt, the land of the generous and the proud versus this wasteland of of the Criminals and the Peasants.

Donald Trump has insulted everyone and every institution.  He has insulted the courts and showed extraordinary disespect for the law in a land that used to be a land of law and order, but now it is the land of the lawless and the retards.

Trump, I wish your mother had tamed you to be human.  She had failed miserably as a mother.  We have a saying in the “shithole” Africa: “Mothers are schools; if you train them well, you will have created a well-behaved society.” Obviously, this does not apply to your “shithole” country, the United States of America.

You think you are elitist, yet, you are nothing but a common criminal gangster who has gone through life by lying, cheating and stealing in addition to using criminal threats and being a bully. Allow me. please, to say that the “shithole” countries, that made America, do not include Africa; they are the white trash who were either exiled or thrown out as Persona non Grata from their countries – that what America is built on, Signor Trumpo Donaldo.

I shall not refer to you as my fellow citizen because I do not believe for a second you are an American or you care about America or its citizens, I shall call you  “YOU” – I sugeest that you take that flag pin you have on your jacket for you have disgraced that flag and you made it a symbol of idiocy and stupidity. Although you stole HITLER’s slogan “We Shall Make Germany Great Again” and used it for America, you have made America worse than it had ever been at any time in history.  Change that disgraceful flag with a pin that reads “We Are Sorry.” We are sorry for being criminals; we are sorry for the way we treat the natives, and we are sorry for treating Blacks and all non-whites. This might redeem some of your evil-doing.

Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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