This is Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri G. Bebawi

Moslem Murderers who call themselves Jihadists or whatever are nothing but little savage hyenas, brainless and not yet evolved beings.  Their belief in one of the worst books ever written next to the bible, the quran, and what it says is a sign of not only mental disorder, no, there is no brain in the first place to have disorder.

Arab Islamists, when will you realize that you are the worse beings on the planet, no one listens to you; no one respects you, no one cares for you, and everyone hates you? You think that by brutally murdering one or two or a hundred, the Western Civilization of hundreds of years would disappear – dream on you idiots.

I was born in Egypt and I know you well.  You are lucky that the West is stupid enough to be tolerant and accepting; however, believe you me, it is not for long. Now that we have a United States Embassy in Jerusalem and there is nothing you can do about it is a good slap on your ugly faces. I hope Israel will destroy you all for you are not humans – simply cockroaches.

This writer shall watch you, listen to you, trap you in all Europe and shall get you bastards.  You have no where to hide.  I speak your god’s stupid language, Arabic, and I speak French and Italian and Spanish. I am your nightmare and will report any of your suspicious behavior.  I am dedicated to your destruction in my last days.

ISIS releases footage of Paris attacker pledging allegiance

He then addresses those “who fight ISIS, Muslims and Allah,” telling them they’re to blame for terrorist acts.

“You started it by bombing Islamic lands. France, you started it by killing Muslims,” he says. “And when we give you a response, you cry. If you want this to stop, put pressure on your government, I’m not the first one to tell you. Others like me told you before acting, but you refused to listen.”

What in the hell is “Allah Akbar?” I speak Arabic and I ask you “Akbar” than bloody what? You are invalids repeating words that you do not even know what they mean.  The ISIS flag read exactly :”God is the prophet of Mohammad.” You are brainless my cockroaches Moslem Murderers.

I am Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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