Let us all pray


This expatriate writer, Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, join his fellow American Citizens at home and abroad in thanking the good Lord for all that he has been offering America the Great. We thank the lord for giving us Saint Donald Trump, the most effective leader of any criminal organization in the history of man. And we thank the Lord for many other things:

Thank you Lord for making America great again; we are now the greatest evil on this planet; we are now the greatest phony country in history; and we are now the greatest disappointment to Philosopher Plato and his ideas of what Democracy is.

We thank the Lord for giving our nation some of the most phony personnel pretending to be religious – they are as evil as your image Lord. We thank the Lord for having Satan, your exact image Lord, to be our Speaker of the House, Paul Rayan.

We thank you Lord for guiding Saint Gangster Donald Trump for having Giuliani as his Lawyer and adviser. Americans know who Giuliani has been and all Americans are blessed to see him in picture again though we had gladly thought he was dead.

Thank you Lord Jesus for providing us the faith we need and deprive our nation from anything that is logical, scientific or sensible.  We Cannot thank you enough Lord.

We thank you Lord for giving us a president-want-to-be who is rightfully racist and a KKK member following you image good Lord and hating anything that is not Arian – Thank you Lord for that – we desperately needed it.

This is your humble servant, expatriate, Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi.


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