This expatriate writer prefers to start this short thought with an extraordinary symbol:


It is the most phony symbol of the United States of America and that is why it is upside down because in reality it is. I have called many times on the French Government to take it back for it is in the wrong place.

The United States of America is the most phony and unreal company (not country) in the universe. It represents itself completely the opposite of what it really is. It calls itself the land of the brave and the free. The reality is, it is the land of the cowards and enslaved. It represents itself as a democracy; however, in fact democracy in America is a mere joke – America has never had a democracy. It represents itself as a Government From the People (False) By the People (False) and For the People (Utterly False.)

Let us be pragmatic and honest and explain why. The American independence took place in 1776. They claimed then that freedom is an inalienable right and democracy is the same; they claimed that all men were created equal. Yet, we find that in the late 1800s, America invades Mexico and take their land by force. Then we find that the Supreme Court of the United States looks at whether Blacks were humans in the mid 1960s. And still until today, Blacks do not matter – nor do whites really.

The United States of America has abused its people since the start. Strangely, even those whom they consider Heroes, such as Abraham Lincoln, is nothing but phony, liar, and as savage as any white American. American history is not a pleasant one and when I came to this Waste Land and studied at universities, I found the course on the “American Character” to be rather humorous; however sadly, Americans do not think so.

Then comes America’s role in the world. There is no doubt that Americans are master marketers and they are expert persuaders; they have marketed the idea that America is the greatest and persuaded the world it is and, sadly, the world fell for it. They went into wars pretending to fight for human rights and freedom they do not afford their own citizens and fortunately they have lost every war they engaged themselves in because they have no conviction and the military has no idea for what it is fighting. Ok, America liberated Kuwait from a trivial Iraqi army and succeeded in dividing Yugoslavia into many countries following the British Military Strategy, Divide and Conquer. Nevertheless, America has never won a war since WWI.

And now, America has an insane president-want-to-be who resembles the African President Idi Amin who was known to have been a cannibal – I would not be surprised if we discover that Trump is, too. He is far too savage to be a normal (whatever normal means) human.

Perhaps more will come later

Expatriate Writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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