China has the ‘financial arsenic’ to ruin the US – but will it use it?
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This expatriate writer Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi is awfully concerned about the United States’ arrogance and false belief that they America is the greatest and most powerful country in the world. Let us face it friends, that was long ago if it had ever been. The United States of America is now less than average and is close to a third world country. All its wealth is controlled by a few gangsters and the rest of the citizens are practically resemble the French citizens before the French Revolution.

Whether it is China or Russia or both, the United States is doomed to fail miserably. Remember that the United States has never won a war since WWI. George Bush’s announcement “Mission Accomplished” was and still is the most hilarious statement of all centuries.


America should be ashamed of itself
China’s leaders must be sorely tempted to activate the “nuclear option” and punish the capitalist running dog, the tango dancer in the White House.

They could at any time start to liquidate their $US1.2 trillion ($1.5 trillion) holdings of US Treasury debt, switching the proceeds into euro, sterling, krona, Aussie, or peso debt to stop the yuan exchange rate soaring.

Even a small dose of this financial arsenic would – in the minds of Beijing’s ultra-nationalist faction – set off a salutary panic. It would crater the US bond market at the very moment when Donald Trump’s fiscal depravity is driving the US budget deficit to a stratospheric $US1 trillion.

The contagion would spread instantly through US mortgages and consumer credit, and would detonate a Wall Street equity crash – the “Trump crash” in blood and gore.

Timed astutely, it might decide the midterm elections and deliver a Democrat Congress, one with control over the impeachment machinery. The demise of Trumpism would then be in sight, either because the Mueller inquiry establishes collusion with the Kremlin or because the president commits perjury in one of sundry lawsuits ensnaring him.

China need say nothing. Action would speak loud enough. If pressed to explain, it could state, with some justification, that US fiscal policy is out of control and that the Trump administration is not a fit custodian of any country’s wealth.

Ashamed expatriate American Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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