Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi has always called gangster Donald Corleone (Trump) a compulsive liar who reminds me of one of my wives who was constantly lying and making stories up to the point of accusing an innocent man or rape.  Gangster Corleone (Trump) is not any different.


The republican President Donald Trump has been warned by influential right wing pundits like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity of FOX TV, that he needs to get tough on anti-immigration issues. Building that southern US border wall is not optional.

As per a 4/3/18 Real Clear Politics report, “Ann Coulter talked to radio host Howie Carr on Monday (4/2/18) about President Trump’s “total betrayal” on the wall and an “obscenity-laced” screaming match she had with the president in the Oval Office. For the record, Coulter said Trump “swore first.”

“He’s failing right now,” Coulter said. “The presidency isn’t over yet, he can still come back and do it. But people who voted for him shouldn’t be cheering for him everytime he betrays them and this is a total betrayal for him to sign that (Omnibus) bill. It’s a total betrayal for him not to build the wall.”

The president needs to look like a real hardliner with regards to the southern US border. After all he is the one telling his base that immigrants are coming to the US in droves and that many of them are criminals, rapists, drug pushers, etc. So, the president with the assistance of the right wing media folks sell this security risk to his base and he gets to look like he is taking action by ordering the US national guard to help secure the border area.

The problem is that the president is directing this reality TV show which has no factual basis, if one reviews credible studies, analysis, evidence, facts which do exist but will never be found anywhere near the White House.




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