Fellow Insane Citizens who Love Guns and Violence,

While there are many controversies circulating around far, far away home, the United States of America such as: women’s rights, women’s equality, gay and lesbian rights, transgender rights, black rights, and citizens’ rights in general, one controversy that stands out: the struggle between the decent sane citizens vs the insane gun and violence lovers and members of the terrorist organization the NRA.

To start this debate, it is only wise to prove that the Second Amendment to the Constitution does not in any way say that citizens should have the right to carry arms. The Amendment is very clear and concise: ” a well regulated militia, being necessary for the protection of a free state, the right of the people to bear and carry arms shall not be infringed.”  Great – The Honorable Supreme Court for one reason or another ( I shall not make any judgement here) decided to ignore the whole sentence and focus on the last part: “…..the right of the people to bear and carry arms…”

As a thirty-five year English professor, a lawyer, a journalist and a PhD in Philosophy and English, this writer cannot understand how the honorable Supreme Court could be so linguistically mistaken. Again, no judgement.

To begin with, America, since its revolution, has never had “Well Regulated Militia” except for the crazy cults that were crushed in a few hours. Secondly, if the interpretation were correct, which is not, isn’t this the time that Americans would form Militia to fight a government under an insane president named Donald Trump and a Congress and a Senate members who are less than useless and are doing everything but caring for the citizens of this country? Why not? Well, because sadly those insane people who love guns and violence are mostly Republicans who support the government in abusing its citizens including gun lovers who are most likely White Trailer Dwellers who are most likely high school drop-outs.  If you hear one of those speaks, you know immediately that he or she is a high school drop out.

Another group of Gun lovers, because they love jesus so very much, is the mentally incompetent and challenged Evangelical Christian aka born two times Christians.  They are Republicans of course.  Did you ever notice that you have to be an idiot to be a Republican? It is a strange observation this writer just observed writing this piece.  Some, of course, pretend.  I know personally a journalist who decided to use the American “pursuit of happiness” principle and opened an Evangelical Church; and since he is an atheist, he called the church First United Church of Christ – Acronym: F.U.C.K.

Furthermore, if Americans think that they can fight the United States Government with their pathetic weapons, they are purely insane.  The United States can take the whole world in a day or two; how can anyone in his right mind thinks that he/she can form a group to fight the United States Government? The government has crushed every single movement in no time at all all the way from the Civil Rights Movement, to the 99% movement even to, more recently, the Children’s Voices that had been silenced even by the media that works as Trumps propaganda machine. If anyone in the United States of America today does not believe that America lost its Democracy, its Principles and its Values and it is nothing now but a Fascist/Nazi Dictatorship, he or she should admit him/herself into a mental institution instantly.

This writer wishes America well, but that is not going to happen until Donald Trump is impeached or imprisoned. And America will never be really free until the Supreme Court Justices take some English as a Second Language classes, so that they may have the intellectual ability to interpret the Second Amendment correctly once and for all.

This writer is not optimistic.

Expatriate Dr Sabri g. Bebawi




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