What Evil Group of People the NRA and Its Members Are.


Americans – You are perhaps the most stupid, stupid, stupid people on planet earth. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is well respected, but it is badly misinterpreted – thanks to the amount of money that is circulating around from the gun industry that is so lucrative that even the Vatican Bank invests 50% of its assets in gun manufacturing.

This NRA insulting propaganda is disgusting and unacceptable.  It is time for the Supreme Court to step in and make these idiot Americans understand what the Second Amendment says.  “A Well Regulated…..Being necessary for the protection of a free state…”  (None of this is valid in arguing that you and I ordinary people should be armed.) And if you need any lessons in English as a Second language, come to me.  I am an English professor and have been for more than 35 years.

Stop fooling the people.  If the Supreme Court interpretation of the Second Amendment is correct, then this is the time for people to carry arms and fight such a corrupt government lead by a criminal gangster named Donald Trump.  Let us see how far you can go you idiots.


I have never encountered a society that is so bloody ignorant at large as the United States of America. This black man, who is obviously an incompetent idiot for what he uttered, and paid a lot of money for what he said on behalf of the voice of NRA propaganda, should actually shoot himself in shame and disgrace for he is worthless, and a traitor to his own race which has been, until today in 2018, enslaved for centuries – by guns and government.  Will you, idiot, take arms against the United States Government? If there was any time before, this is the time now that we have a Dictator, a Fascist and a Nazi who wants you, imbecile, burnt.


I am expatriate Sabri g. Bebawi

I have no fear of bloody Republicans, gun and violence and money lovers Americans. You may all go to hell soon with your illegitimate president-want-to-be Criminal Gangster Donald Trump, the Imbecile.



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