Nothing in the world is more fake than the United States of America



Dear Readers

First, I thank you for reading my inner thoughts; second, I do not wish that my writing be taken as bragging or that I consider myself superior or inferior- I believe in neither.  We all share the same biology regardless of ideology-no superiors, no inferiors.

Now, having cleared that out of the way, I wish to let my readers know that this writer was born in Egypt in 1956 when the United States was still in the dark ages trying to decide (in mid 6os) in the Supreme Court whether Blacks were human.  As strange and disturbing, it is not surprising.  We are in 2018 and many citizens of the United States think they are superior and that America is the greatest nation on the planet.  Well! The fact is that this is nothing but baseless propaganda.

I have lived in Egypt, Lebanon, England, France, Italy, The Netherland (Holland) and Sydney, Australia and have never seen anything that resembles the United States Systemic lies, deception and baseless propaganda. It is just simply very sad that most of the United States Citizens do not see it as they have been brainwashed to believe they are the greatest. They would call my honest writing “America Bashing.” They have that complex that telling the truth about the country, it is bashing.

In fact, it is safe to say that there is not even one country in the whole planet that depicts and promotes itself in such a way that it is completely false, fake and utterly unreal. Many people around the world and most American Citizens believe that the United States is a country of freedom (rubbish) equality (rubbish) justice (rubbish) and democracy (absolute rubbish). The United States of America is the only country in the world that absolutely does not have any of the characters it depicts itself.

It is in the United States that we have a Dinosaur era government that does not want and is not willing to go away or give up its power. They and the people of the United States believe that they have democracy and democracy here is a joke – Is our government from the people, by the people and for the people? If you answer “yes,” you need to seek mental health treatment immediately.  Whether it is the president, the cabinet, the congress or the senate, you have to be a multi billionaire, and how many among us the masses are – Zero – NADA. By simple logic, we conclude that the government is not from the people.


How many of us citizens believe the the government works for the people? Again, if you answer “yes,” you need to seek help.  All evidence for years and years show beyond any doubt that the government works for itself.  Do you remember not long ago when Congress was debating a minimum wage raise and that was declined and at the same time and with audacity and resentment they voted to give themselves a substantial increase in salary? Do they work for the people, or for themselves, for the NRA, for the KKK, and for large Corporations and Banks.

Now we come to the point of a government by the people.  How is it so when a president is a president elected by the minority of the citizens? This system of Electoral voting had been designed so that a president could actually purchase the post, as it had been the case with Criminal Gangster Donald Trump. Donald Trump is surely an illegitimate president-want-to-be.

So, now we have established that democracy in the United States of America is a mere witticism. Now we move to justice. This writer wonders if our citizens understand how our justice system works and how discriminatory it is against minorities, specifically Blacks and Hispanics.  Although we know that more whites in prisons than non-whites, still the chance of a member of a minority group to be unjustly convicted is the highest in the world – “To Kill A Mocking Bird” is alive and well. Just watch or read the news and see how many Blacks and Hispanics are unjustly and unjustifiably shot by the police who is supposed to protect the citizens of this country.  It is a disgrace.


The United States of America does not deserve the Statue of Liberty.  It has to be returned to the decent nation of France where its meaning is respected and applied.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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