Dowd resigns as Trump’s lawyer amid disagreements on strategy

King Henry VIII, AKA Donald Trump is a history.  Not only that his lead lawyer resigned which is, since I am a lawyer, indicates that he knew his client is guilty and does not want to defend him in order to defend his own reputation as an attorney.  There goes Criminal Gangster Donald Trump, as I have been calling him from day one.

Furthermore, here we have another bombshell, not for me, but for those born two times Christian and insane bible people: The call girl Stormy Daniel’ DNA mentioned “paternity” and possible children with Criminal Gangster Donald Trump.

There you go Mr. president-want-to-be, you are history and nothing pleases this writer than what is in the news today.  I am never surprised for I have been -again and again and again saying this and saying from the start that Donald Trump is nothing but a Vegas Criminal Gangster.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi



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