The Film Is Casino


After I had watched this film, I was completely taken: How Americans allowed a criminal gangster from Las Vegas to buy the government and the White House.  Moreover, now that we know what we know and that Donald Trump and his gangsters are for real and they are here to destroy our country and destroy our Constitution so that they can make all the money they do not really need, but want.

In the film, you will see the American government today at work.  How officials are bribed and how corrupt our legal system has become under this dangerous and treacherous president-want-to-be Donald Trump.

The film helped me understand how Trump and his gangsters work and why he has not been impeached or imprisoned until now.  It has also made me scared thinking how many people are killed since he was able to buy the White House.

Will Americans rise up against this tyrant dangerous and deranged person? Honestly, I am not sure for I do not have much confidence in American Social Responsibility or their understanding of our system.

This writer is waiting.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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