Students at a Georgia school were silenced by their administration when they attempted to speak about gun reform during a walkout

How can such speech be not peaceful? I wrote a message to the school demanding that the teacher who did that should be fired because he is either a Trump Slave or one of America’s Coward from the land of the Cowards and Slaves.

Donald Trump Criminal Organization has taken a strong hold over what used to be the United States of America. We have those intellectually challenged Americans who support him; then we we have those coward Americans who are afraid of him.

This writer is neither. This writer loathes Donald Trump for his declaration of war against the fiber of the United States, against its rule of law, against its Constitution, against its citizens, against its naturalized citizens and residents, against gays and lesbians, against women and against the First Amendment.

Both the teacher and Donald Trump should be ousted immediately and without delay. This expatriate writer needs to go back to his country, California.


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