Donald Trump cannot be referred to as the “Head of A Criminal Organization” because this insect cannot be head of anything.  He is ignorant, incompetent, unable to lead, suffers from Frontal Lobe disorders, and suffers from several psychological ailments.

This writer has written more than enough to educate idiot Americans who are behind this insect Donald Trump.  Those intellectually challenged beings are not only so because they support this insect, they are and have been always that because they are either Evangelical born two times insane Christians, or Racist KKK members who believe they are superior just because of their white color.  I wrote many times that the idea of “White Supremacy” is an oxymoron in term because how one can be white and superior at the same time – it is beyond any logic.  To begin with, to think that one is superior is in itself a sign of inferiority; we share the same biology regardless of ideology and no one is more superior than another.  When it comes to whites, their history is not very flattering.  In Particular, Whites, should never claim superiority.

Donald Trump, the idiot of the world, is also supported by his lovers the NRA and Drug Cartel. He is a drug addict and a violent son of a bitch.  I would not be surprised at all if we discover that Donald Trump had, personally, killed several people and buried them in the cement of his towers.

Dear Americans, though I consider myself Californian Citizen and not American Citizen, I still care for you though you do not deserve it.  Wake up and do not destroy more than 250 years of history .  Get rid of this mentally retard Donald Trump before it is too late – it is almost too late already.

I am expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi


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