Caroline Chris, from Sherman Oaks, California, of the Greater Los Angeles Coalition said it best in an interview shown below in the next post.

“…Donald Trump is in town (Los Angeles) and we cannot allow to be in town without letting him know about what we think of him and his presidency.  He is not liked here; he is not welcomed here.  We do not like what he is doing to our country.  This is a chance to tell him, even if we are not up in …. hill to tell him in person.

Donald Trump is a head of a criminal organization and that is how he is investigated by the FBI and by Muller as a head of a criminal organization.

He has installed criminals, corruption in his White House and his Administration.  They are at war against America.

Let me say again, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is at war against America, the citizens, our democracy and he is against the Constitution, against our rule of law, our laws our environment; he is at war against education, students, women. He at war against immigrants, refugees. And we need to criminalize him and impeach him.”

I am Caroline Chris from Sherman Oaks, California


This expatriate writer, Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi, takes his hat off in respect for Caroline.  She has articulated in a few minutes what I have been writing for a year now.

Donald Trump and His Gangsters Have Got to Go


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