Having been brought up in a decent family and a decent country, I had never known or experienced the feeling of hate. I thank my beautiful mother and my great father for taming me to be an evolved civilized being member of the Homo sapiens. I am forever grateful for that and indebted to them. But then, something drastic happened to me.

I became a journalist after my law education and being a journalist in or for the Middle East is a form of suicide. I came to this god forsaken land escaping persecution and was granted – thankfully- a political asylum. In this Wasteland, I have learnt a great deal and from a lawyer and a journalist, I added professorship and authorship. Again, thankfully, but this was not a thanks to this Wasteland, but to my traits that my parents instilled in me.

Then, I have been exposed to an immoral political group calls itself “Republicans.” I studied Republican’s philosophy and ideology very well and I could find it very similar to Nazi and Fascist ideologies. At the start, I did not worry much and had faith in the United States of America and its bible “the Constitution.”

Now, my faith in the Constitution has diminished; a criminal from Vegas named Donald Trump was able to buy the government and the White house with his “borrowed” money and with assistance of foreign enemies – the ex-Soviet Union. In essence, the White House became an extension of the Kremlin.

Then I started to have a feeling I had never experienced before; it was a feeling of “loathing.” I use the word “Loathing” because I still do not understand the feeling of hatred. I now loathe this insect, which pretends to be a president and reside in the White House. Yes, I LOATH Donald Trump and here is why:

Some readers might falsely believe that these are only an opinion and is a harsh one; well, yes, this might be harsh, but not an opinion. All these are facts proven over and over and over again and again and one does not need eyes to see.

  • Donald Trump is the most ignorant being I have ever heard of.
  • Donald Trump is the most uneducated and uncivilized being.
  • Donald Trump is the most compulsive liar.
  • Donald Trump is the most un-American.
  • Donald Trump is the most corrupt gangster.
  • Donald Trump is more criminal than El-Chapo.
  • Donald Trump has no respect for America or its citizens.
  • Donald Trump is a racist.
  • Donald Trump is a white supremacist – which is an oxymoron- how one can be white and superior at the same time?
  • Donald Trump has no respect for the laws of the land.
  • Donald Trump signed many so-called “Executive Orders” that are unconstitutional.
  • Donald Trump does not respect the America’s Fiber, which is Checks and Balances.
  • Donald Trump often acts like an Orangutan who has no idea of what he is saying.
  • Donald Trump is clinically insane.
  • Donald Trump has no respect for women.
  • Donald Trump is a violent NRA lover.
  • Donald Trump grew up within the KKK.
  • Donald Trump is a male whore (or may be female- who knows).
  • Donald Trump is against Freedom of Speech.
  • Donald Trump is a Fascist and a Nazi who hates the press.
  • Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi for declaring he would be a president for life
  • Donal Trump admitted he would like us in the United States to try having a president for life, too.
  • Donald Trump shows dictatorship inclination.
  • Donald Trump is a crook a lot worse than Nixon for at least Nixon had dignity.
  • Donald Trump is vengeful and implacable.
  • Donald Trump, like Hitler, hates the old, the sick or the poor and would like to burn them.
  • Donald Trump cannot have friends; he does not what the word means.
  • Donald Trump has no sense of human compassion, though orangutans do.
  • Donald Trump must have been abused in many ways as a child.

The list can go on and on and on. Now I thank Donald Trump for teaching me a feeling I had never experienced before: LOATHING

Expatriate Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi



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