Trump on China’s Xi consolidating power: ‘Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day’

On November 8, 2016, the whole world – except for the KKK members, the NRA members, the American Republican multi billionaires, the intellectually deprived born twice Evangelical Christian, and a few of my beloved Jews who were deceived and mislead – was in shock to know that the Fascist/ Nazi Donald Trump has succeeded in buying the White House. The world was speechless.

This writer has warned of a disaster and a complete change in the world order. He has warned that the United States of America was on the road of self-destruction and called upon France to take back the Statue of Liberty since its existence was the phoniest existence of anything in history. This writer knew who Donald Trump was and how dangerous, as a Las Vegas gangster and a son of a gangster, would be.

Sure enough, as soon as he entered the White House, he signed what is called a “presidential order” to allow companies and corporations to use, abuse and molest their employees anyway they wish and that all regulations were void and invalid. He advised that a corporation should not have more than two regulations regardless of how trivial they are. So, corporation enjoyed their jackpot and established silly regulations as “You have to wash your hand,” and “You have to close the toilette door after you had done with your business.” I was a victim of this “presidential order.” My pension was reduced and my medical insurance through the university where I was teaching before getting very ill and going on disability retirement at a young age doubled its premium without a cause or explanation. I had to drop the insurance despite my severe illness and continuous treatment for cancer and systemic Lupus with expensive chemotherapy.

Nevertheless, thank heavens that this “presidential order” was the only one that was not reversed by the courts. All other outrageous orders were challenged and reversed by the courts. This has been despite Donald Trump ignorance of the law and constant attempt to destroy the fiber of the US system of Checks and Balances. He constantly interfered in the Judicial Branch, threatened the Legislative Branch and, hence, became a dictator and his dream of being Hitler and Mussolini at the same time has materialized.

So, now the United States of America has become a Nazi and a Fascist State and neither of the two Branches of government is doing anything of substance. I have written to Senators and Congressmen and all I got was gibberish and empty promises. Now Donald Trump is like Putin in Russia and like Xi in China and Americans are in a coma. I resorted to become an expatriate until Americans wake up from their comma and imprison this traitor Donald (shithole) Trump.

Expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi


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