The NRA Must Be Declared a Terrorist Organization simply because it is.

What Is Terrorism?


What Does Terrorism Do to the Mind?

Terrorism is not an ideology like communism or capitalism. Rather, terrorism is a tactic – a strategy used to achieve a specific end. Terrorism is often used in asymmetric power struggles: in other words, when a weaker person, or group, is fighting against a powerful nation-state. The violence is aimed at creating fear in the targeted population and often provokes prompt and violent response from the state.

What Do Terrorists Want?

Terrorists are not all after the same thing. Terrorists often justify their bloody acts on the basis of perceived social, economic and political unfairness. Or they take inspiration from religious beliefs or spiritual principles.


What’s Wrong With the TSA?

Many forms of terrorism were inspired by warfare between races, struggles between the rich or poor, or battles between political outcasts and elites. Some are ethnically based separatism movements, like the Irish Republican Army or Palestine Liberation Organization. The former cartel of Medellin is considered narco-terrorists because they combine terrorist tactics with drug trafficking. Movements led by the extreme left like Colombia’s FARC are an example of terrorism inspired by a socioeconomic doctrine – in this case, a belief in communism.
The Conversation
Many terrorist groups are inspired by a specific interpretation of religious or prophetic scriptures. Al-Qaida and IS are two related groups that justify their violent action as a crusade against nonbelievers. IS wants to establish a Caliphate, or an Islamic-ruled state.

The NRA is much less sophisticated and has no principles, no belief, no ideology, and no particular aim except making billions of dollars. It is not a secret that the weapon industry is the most lucrative and most successful to the point that the Vatican Bank invests most of its money in arms manufacturers.  So while the aim and the philosophy is different, the purpose is one and the same – for Moslem Murderers is to create fear and for the NRA is to make money – a lot of it.

The NRA is a Terrorist organization whose aim is to make money – just like the mafia and our gangster president-want-to-be Donald (Shit Hole) Trump.

The same ideas apply to the KKK, Donald (Shit Hole) Trump’s best friends and allies.


Expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi



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