BREAKING: President Trump’s lawyers are weighing options for the president’s testimony before special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a new report, with one source close to Trump’s legal team saying “everything is on the table.”

Trump has expressed a willingness to testify before Mueller in the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The president, who has railed against the Russia investigation and called it a “witch hunt,” said he’d be willing to speak “under oath,”

Let us not forget that this is a country of law and the accused is innocent until proven guilty.  So, please intellectually challenged Republicans do not jump to concluding that Donald (Shit Hole) Trump is guilty; he is innocent until proven guilty.

This writer believes that this Orangutan Donald Trump is innocent for many reasons:

1- He is an Orangutan who does not know much about politics or America’ system of Checks and Balances. Or anything at all, in fact.

2- He is a victim of the KKK and the NRA and their evil doing; we must consider Donald (Shit Hole) Trump’s upbringing: He was brought up by an active KKK members who was imprisoned; he is the son of a “Sophisticated” mother (Sophisticated here is in   Shakespearean terms) -if you know what this writer means.

3- He is a gangster because of the nature of his work being in Las Vegas where gangsters make money, kill people, and abuse whomever they want.

4- He is a non-discriminating racist – he hates everyone who is not Aryan White equally the same; he never discriminates.  Remember he asked us to get people from Norway instead of the “Shit Hole” Africa?

5- He, according to many neurologists, has serious medical problems with his Frontal Lobe – that is if he has any.

6- He was forced to buy the White House because of his many psychological illnesses and his Napoleon Syndrome.

7- He was forced by Russian Gangsters to become a president-want-to-be so that Russia could have complete control over the United States.

8- Let us look at those who are accused of rape, for example, yes, you and I know that Donald (Shit Hole) Trump has been raping every American every second of every day; however, we have to follow the rules: An accused rapist is guilty until proven innocent.  So, Republicans, please do not jump to judgement.  Wait until the evidence which we all know is there show the truth. Rapist Donald (Shit Hole) Trump is absolutely guilty, which he will be, until proven innocent , in the humble opinion of this unbiased writer.

9- Finally, but not of least importance, the man has no education and has never read a book; yet, it is true that he memorized Hitler’s Mein Kamph somehow.

So dear Republicans, do not judge our president-want-be. He is guilty until proven innocent.


I am Expatriate Dr. Sabri Bebawi


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