Italy Shooting

To the Mentally Challenged White Supremacists around the World:

This humble journalist finds the term “White Supremacist” an oxymoron. How is it possible that one can be purely White and Superior at the same time? It is absolutely logically and intellectually impossible.

To begin with, one must wonder if we have “WHITES” anymore in a world that is so globalized, so mixed and so new! If we were to think for a moment and say that there are pure “WHITES,” how can they be “SUPERIOR?” If there are pure “WHITES.” Many of 75% of them around the world, particularly in the United States of America are either homeless, felons in prisons, living in trashy mobile home areas, collecting guns and shooting people just for fun, and are in all ways and every single way worse than any Fundamental Moslem Murderer.

And many of the other 25% of “WHITES” if they exist around the world are basically successful gang members, inhuman, immoral, capitalists, believe that end justifies the means and, quite simply, like the American president-want-to-be Donald piece of shit Trump.

This journalist is puzzled by the upheaval in the world that is referred to as “WHITE SUPREMACIST UPRISING.” Again, how can you be “WHITE” and “SUPERIOR?” Whites have always been throughout history the most inferior race. That is even when there were WHITES.

“White Inferiors,” do yourself and the world a favor and shut up or exile yourself to Siberia or something. Do not bother the world. The world has a lot to deal with and is called Piece of Shit Donald Trump, president-want-to-be.

Italy Shooting

Hitler book, supremacist flag found in Italy…

Dr. Sabri g. Bebawi


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