The United States of America’s Phony Democracy:

While the citizens of the United States are lead to believe they live in a democracy, they never think how is it so if a democracy is a state run By the People, From, the People, and For the People? Isn’t it the truth that only the very wealthy can buy the White House? Isn’t is true that the very wealthy can get a seat in the House of Representative or the Senate? Isn’t is true, that even on a State Level, one has to be wealthy to run for office? So, how can one argue that it is a government by the people, from the people, and for the people? It is the joke of the 18th century until now.

President Reagan, a man I admired and respected despite his evil ideology, made some comments that on the surface appear funny, but in depth, they are nothing but lies. Can a citizen actually approach the White House? What a bloody lie!!!

Additionally, now in 2018, we have a Fascist/Nazi president-want-to-be and no one neither in both houses of Congress nor the masses have the guts to stand up to him and his gangsters.  He is fucking Americans on daily basis and Americans are doing nothing about it and that is why I left that evil wasteland and became, once again, an expatriate.

There is so much to say, but at the moment, I shall stop here and will continue later. But not before I say that I miss my past before I decided to come to this wasteland “Shithole” America, as Trump called my continent, Africa. And I must add to all this:




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