America, America – Not the great continent, but the not so great United States of America – This is from an expatriate US Citizen:

I am not sure where to start though I am a writer by profession.  I am so tongue-tied that I had never felt so before. I am not sure what in heavens’ name is going on with the United States government! Is it a government? Are we a civilized nation or an anarchist state of hooligans who have no respect for the law – and that includes the president-want-to-be- Donald Trump and his gangsters.

Arms and ammunitions are everywhere and anywhere if you are criminal enough to want them. Most US People think and strangely believe that is for their protection from the state.  They never wonder how would they protect themselves from the state if they cannot take arms anywhere the government functions.  They have not learned that any organized group, peaceful or otherwise, has been dismantled in no time – all the way in history from the Hippie movement to the 99% movement.  US Americans are living a fantasy that the United States’ Government has implanted in their weak skulls to give them a sense of false democracy and false sense of security from the government.

On the other hand, the government has done nothing for years but fuck its citizens in every-which way they could and still do. This makes this expatriate American believe that his fellow citizens are perhaps the most stupid unthinking humans on the planet – or at least in the Western World.

Stand up to the government -PEACEFULLY- Write to your useless representatives in the House or the Senate and tell them the truth that they are useless and they will never be elected again.  Remember that the government works for you and not vice-versa.  Write to the president-want-to-be Donald Trump and tell him to fuck himself and go to hell.

This message is from an American expatriate who has no respect for America or many American citizens, especially, Intellectually Challenged REPUBLICANS.

And to the Honorable Supreme Court Justices, please take some English classes so that you can interpret the Constitution correctly, especially your beloved Gold Making Second Amendment.



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