And the Winner of the NRA and the Supreme Court for Today’s Massacre Is:

19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz,who was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons, and police are investigating his digital footprint, Sheriff Scott Israel said. So far, what they’ve found is “very, very disturbing,”
At least 19 dead in Florida school shooting, law enforcement says – And of course we fully trust the law enforcement.

What is really disturbing is the United States of America

An Expatriate

PS. In case you wonder what the Supreme Court has to do with this! well!! everything. If they studied English as a Second Language, they would see that Cruz was not a “Militia Protecting the State.” I wonder why the Justices of the Supreme Court intentionally misinterpret the Second Amendment? And if their interpretation were taken seriously, why, you idiot gun lovers do not wonder why you cannot carry a gun in any government facility? Isn’t it for that- to fight the government?

Americans, sadly the majority of you are practically unable to think.

I hope the parents, grandparents, cousins, and all relatives of the victims leave the immoral, inhuman, savage, and destructive Republican ideology.

From An Expatriate American who had become sick of the United States


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