Why I Have Decided to Become an Expatriate?

This writer is a proud American citizen; at the moment, I am not proud at all. Our beloved United States of America has become a purely FASCIST STATE. And no one seems to care.

To begin with, I have no idea how a rich man can buy the government as the idiot Donald Trump did. Then, I do not understand Trump’s close association to the Duke, the head of the KKK.  I do not understand if Trump is anti semitic, how in heavens’ name he pretends to support Israel while in fact he hates the Jews. Also, I do not understand how Israel falls for Trump’s tricks.

Other reasons why I prefer not to be an American citizen include America’s religious hallucination; America’s love for violence (the NRA), and America’s tolerance and association with the KKK including many government officials.

Let us state in pure honesty some of the reasons why I prefer to to be an expatriate:

(1) The United States of America has the most uneducated, ignorant, and unintellectual people in the Western Civilized World,



(2) The United States has the most liars, cheaters and stealers in the civilized world,

(3) The United States is the worst country in the Western World in the way they treat their workers and employees,

(4) The United States is the only country in the whole Western World that does not have its citizen medically covered or secure,

(5) The United States is the only country in the Western World that believes it is mighty powerful though the fact is that they are not at all.

One of my critics who reviews my published books said that I like bashing the the United States.  That is not true; I did the same in my birth country Egypt and that is why I escaped to the United States on Political Asylum only to find that it is another Egypt, but much worse.  I write those comments because I love the United States and I want it to stand up to its original ideals and be what it says it is. That is why I am formally asking the French government to remove the Statue of Liberty from Ellis Island – it is phony and insulting to any intelligent mind.

In here, I shall end by showing you how insane many Americans are and you decide.



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